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A New Data Transfer Method via Signal Rich Art Code Images Captured by Mobile Devices

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Now a days, popularity is due to the proliferation of smart phones, capable of decoding and accessing on line resources as well as its high storage capacity and speed of decoding. Data matrix code images are used in a variety of applications, such as accessing websites, download personal card information, post information to social networks, initiate phone calls, reproduce videos or open text documents. Image processing usually refers to digital image processing, but optical and analog image processing also are possible. Image processing is closely related to computer graphics and computer vision. In this architecture, our work is to design a VLSI architecture based secure data transfer using data matrix code image. This work is to improve the steganography methodology using data transmission and reception technique and this work is to increase the system performance level. In our existing work is to embedded QR code in color image by using data transmission and reception process. In this method the QR code select the modified pixels accurately and quickly compare to the existing algorithm. QR codes have already overtaken the popularity of classical barcode in many areas because of several advantages like increase in capacity. The existing system is consumes more power and to increase the circuit complexity level. The existing is to affect the system performance level. The overall process in the proposed approach is the identification of the secret information hided in the input binary data matrix code image. signal-rich-art code image, has been proposed, which is created from a target image for use as a carrier of a given message. New information-hiding techniques will be continually introduced, and their degree of sophistication will increase. This techniques of code pattern design, unit block segmentation, pattern block classification, and so on, have been proposed for message data embedding and extraction. The data that is to be hided is embedded in the images using signal-rich-art code method. The neighboring pixel points in the images were identified based on the embedding data and they are replaced by the data. Comparing with other signal-rich-art techniques like the use of barcodes and data hiding, data transfer by using the proposed signal-rich art code image This technique is to reduce the power consumption level and to optimize the steganography architecture. The proposed system is used to reduce the path delay time level.


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Tags: 2015, VLSI, image processing

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