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Big Data Vs Data Mining: Which One You Should Choose?

Big Data Vs Data Mining: Which One You Should Choose?

Big Data Vs Data Mining: Which One You Should Choose?


Data Mining: Data mining is the process of determining anomalies, patterns and correlations within massive data sets to predict outcomes. Utilizing a broad range of techniques, you can use this knowledge to increase revenues, reduce costs, improve customer relationships, reduce risks etc .

Data mining is a base of analytics that helps you to increase the models which can reveal connections within millions or billions of records. However, it represents several methods or techniques used in various analytic capabilities that address a gamut of organizational needs and use varying levels of human input or rules to arrive at a decision.

Big Data: Big data represents the huge volume of data – both structured and unstructured – that overwhelms a business. But it’s not the amount of data that’s necessary. It’s what companies do with the data that signifies. Big data can be analyzed for insights that manage to stabler decisions and important business moves.

Big data – and the way organizations operate and derive insight from it – is changing the way the world uses business knowledge. Big data is high-volume, velocity, and variety information assets that require cost-effective, innovative forms of data processing for improved insight and decision making.


Feature Data Mining


Focus: Data mining is mainly focused on lots of details of a data


View It is a close-up view of data


Data It expresses what about the data

Volume It can be used for small data or big data

Definition It is a method for analyzing the data

Data Types Structured data, relational and also dimensional database.

Analysis Data mining is essentially Statistical Analysis, focus on prediction and discovery of business factors on a small scale.

Results Mainly for strategic decision making



Big Data


Focus: Big data is mainly focused on lots of relationships between data

View It is the Big Picture of the data

Data It expresses Why of the data.

Volume It refers to a large number of data sets.

Definition Big data is a concept than a particular term

Data Types Structured, Semi-Structured and Unstructured data (in NoSQL)

Analysis Essentially data analysis, concentrate on prediction and discovery of business factors on a large scale.

Results Both dashboards and also predictive measures


Final Thoughts

In the final analysis, the big data only relates to a huge amount of data and entire big data solutions which its depend on the availability of data. It will identify as a mixture of Business Intelligence and also Data Mining. Data mining uses different kinds of tools and software on Big data to return specific results. In order to, the big data is one of the asset and data mining is the handler of that is used to produce profitable results.